XL IASP Italian Chapter National Congress

June 8 – June 10, 2017

Rome, Italy

Next National congress, the 40th, will be held in Rome city. Several session will be devoted to major Pain impact syndromes and will be deeply analized in conjunction with other scientific association in other discipline. We are strongly convinced that study of pain is the common thread among different type of scientist and researchers. For this reason we encourage you to come in Rome: we want also your input for our congress!

Presidente del Congresso Prof. Maurizio Evangelista Presidente AISD 2016/2018 Prof. Enrico Polati Presidente AISD eletto Prof. Stefano Coaccioli Past Presidente Prof. Caterina Aurilio Comitato Scientifico Coordinatore Prof. Diego Fornasari Prof. M. Evangelista, Prof. Enrico Polati, Prof. Stefano Coaccioli, Prof. M.C. Pace, Prof. V. Schweiger, Prof. Giustino Varrassi, Prof. Andrea Truini, Prof. F. Marinangeli, Prof. F. Puntillo   

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