Iraq Chapter  

Iraqi Society for Pain Management

Mission Statement:

To include pain management as a science, practice, and human right within the priorities of national Iraqi medical stratagies that they should be implemented.

Chapter Address:

Iraq\Karadat Mariam
Telephone: 009647801137753
Fax: 009647709615089
Email: or


President: Bahaa Abdul Moneem, FIBA
Vice President: Maytham M. Kadhim, MB, ChB, FIB, MSc
Secretary General: Raad A. Al-Khafaji, MD
Treasurer: Ali Fawzi Khair Illdin, MD
Scientific Adviser: Khalid Muhsen Murad, MD
Member: Abdil Sattar Hadi Ibrahim, MD

Recent Activity:

Iraqi DoctorsIn June 2015, the Iraqi Society for Pain Management conducted interventional pain activities at Wasit City (in the southern part of Iraq) where society members Dr. Maytham Alkenani and Dr. Abdulsattar Hadi with our brilliant assistant nurse Tayser performed many lumbosacral and cervical interventions for patients complaining from failed back surgery and cervical spinal stenosis. All the patients discharged well, pain free with reasonable vital signs. 

(Photo at right: Dr. Maytham Alkenani and Dr. Abdulsattar Hadi prepare to treat a patient.)

On September, 2013, The Iraqi Society for Pain Management granted honorary membership to Mr. Wael Al-Dulaimi, a patient at the Yarmouk Teaching Hosptial in Baghdad. Mr. Duilaimi is in the hospital due to respiratory failure as a complication of Gullaian Berrie Syndrome and has been in the intensive care unit for more than sixteen years. The Iraqi Society for Pain Management gives their sympathy and the association's best wishes to Mr. Al-Dulaimi.

As proposed by the Iraqi Society for Pain Management, the Iraqi Ministry of Health will declare October 11 of each year as an Iraqi National Day for Pain Management (August 2013).

On May 5, 2013, the Iraqi Association for Pain Management collaborated with the Association of Iraqi Society for Pioneer Athletes to hold a workshop about the dangers and harm of doping on physical fitness and as an ethical violation of the rules of conduct of athletes. The workshop was attended by young athletes, coaches, and civil society leaders in Wasit province in the southern region of Iraq. The workshop was extensively covered by media agencies and local and national press.

For the Global Year Against Visceral Pain, the Iraqi Society for Pain Management organized a scientific lecture, which was held on February 28, 2013 at Rizgary Hospital Hall in Educational City. A number of pain practitioners attended from the cities of Arbil, Wasit and Sulaymaniyah in Iraq.