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Official Journal: NeuroTarget (

Chapter Mailing Address:
Asociacion Argentina para el Estudio del Dolor
Ave. Córdoba 1646 Piso 9 Of. 252
1055 Buenos Aires, Argentina


President: Pablo Gaff (Neurosurgeon)
Past President: Sergio Czerwonko (Psychiatrist)
General Secretary: Javier Navarra (Kinesiologist)
Scientific Secretary: María Guadalupe Rosales (Psychologist)
Treasure: Diego Gronovich (Clinical doctor)
Minutes Secretary: Juan Pablo Nuñez (Clinical doctor)
Titular Chair: Miguel Zangone (Urologist)
Titular Chair: Julian Ruggeri (Kinesiologist)
Titular Chair: Eduardo Levin (Psychologist)
Titular Chair: Mariana Baez (Neurologist)
Supply Chair: Marcela Vargas (Physiatrist)
Supply Chair: Harry Trigoso (Anaesthetist)
Accounts Reviewer: Mariana Bendersky (Neurologist)
Supply Accounts Reviewer: Mercedes Sarudiansky (Psychologist)

The mission of this Committee is to consolidate AAED for the integration of clinical update, training and research on Pain for the current and futures members, with the aim of providing the community with Evidence-Based Practice.

This task will be carried out through teamwork and in an interdisciplinary way, consolidating the previews managements achievements and following IASP guidelines.