Shoqata Shqiptare E Dhimbjes

(Albanian Pain Association) (APA)
110 Members (in formation)

Public Information Available: Translated IASP curricula for training of physicians, nurses, and psychologists. Booklets on various topics – osteoporosis, posture, back pain, etc.; translated EFIC and Partners Against Pain booklets.

Chapter Mailing Address:

Shoqata Shqiptare E Dhimbjes
Albanian Pain Association (APA)
Dr. Apostol Vaso, President
Rruga “Hodo Beg” 26
Prane Maternitetit te Ri
Tirana, Albania
Tel/Fax: 355-42-379818

Board of Directors
President of Honors: Dr. Maksut Drasa
President: Dr. Apostol Vaso
Vice President: Dr. Hajri Gerbi
Secretary: Dr. Artid Duni
Treasurer: Dr. Albana Aleksi
Editor-in-Chief of "Dhimbja" journal: Dr. Nikolin Filipi
Editor: Dr. Ergys Cami
    Scientific Activities: Dr. Apostol Vaso
    Acute Pain: Dr. Mihal Kerci
    Chronic Pain: Dr. Hajri Gerbi
    Cancer Pain: Dr. Sotir Dhimolea
    Person in Charge of Europe Against Pain: Dr. Hekuran Braho
    Psychological and Social Support: Mis. Brunilda Bruci
    Economy: Mr. Robert Skenderi
    Education and Promotion: Dr. Edlir Llazo
    Prof. Tritan Shehu
    Prof. Engjell Mastori
    Prof. Sokrat Meksi
    Prof. Ass. Dine Abazi
    Prof. Pellumb Karagjozi
    Prof. Panajot Boga


10th National Albanian Pain Conference, April 25 – April 26, 2014, Tirana , Albania
Our goal is to advance knowledge and expertise of pain treatment and research in Albania. The program of the conference will include invited lectures from leading figures in the International Association for the Study of Pain, the European Federation of IASP Chapters, scientists and researchers in the field of pain.